Manage your hair

Manage your hair

If you take care of your hair, you need to take care of your skin.

A successful hair care discipline includes cleansing, tightening and conditioning routines performed with sacred regularity. The routine aims to remove excess oil and remove skin cells that block and choke the hair follicles of your scalp. However, the focus is on cleaning and consolidation routines.

Since your hair needs to be washed as often as it is dirty and greasy, a natural shampoo on an herbal formulation is very effective.

It is important to massage the hair and scalp. It is both for the well-being of your hair as well as for a good hair growth. For dry hair, we strongly recommend to massage the scalp with oil, while for greasy hair, a massage with tonic lotion is suitable.

By using a soft brush, brushing is less harmful than combing. A firm brush, however, can damage your hair more than a comb. Likewise, long brushing will lose your hair a lot. Combing the back also spoils your hair. By making a knot difficult to loosen, the scales of the cuticle are curled. Likewise, never comb or brush wet hair. This only leads to further damage to the hair. A good comb must have rounded and not pointed teeth. Nylon brushes with thorny points can also damage your hair.

Have you ever wished to cover your hair with a big, rundown hat? In this case, follow a few steps that will make your hair shiny and shiny. Everything without complaining and tilting between the dyes.

Between the paint, paint is painted on the roots and then applied a light eye shadow. It works

Do not make the mistake of washing your hair every day. If you do this, stop. it will pay.

While shampooing twice, shampoo, then revitalize the hair. You will find that it is fuller and fuller than before.

Brush your hair from the lower ends to the roots. Blow down as this will remove split ends and make your hair healthier.

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