Fast fixation of the hair

Fast fixation of the hair

What to do if you are in a hurry and your hair is messy?

The best solution is a ponytail or an elegant bread roll. Smooth is the most important word to keep in mind.

Apply a small amount of baby powder to your hair to absorb excess oil, spray gently with a hairspray and collect in a smooth ponytail. If the ponytail is not the ideal solution, try a simple roll. Turn your hair and fix it with a few hairpins. Apply a light hairspray.

To give life to a flattened hair, try to add volume. Turn your head over and make your roots muddy with a hairspray.

If your curls are in chaos, moisten your hair slightly and apply a product to improve the noose.

The hair smell bad? Add a few drops of perfume to a bottle of water and spray your hair.

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